The Petite Parade

Scrolling Instagram and look what I see…

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My department was given the opportunity to design the debut collection for Cotton Candy Clothing by Amber Sabathia. Cotton Candy is an MLB line that represents all 30 major league teams.


Cotton Candy MLB- Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest platforms a designer can display their work. It is the World Series of Fashion! I went from being a model dresser back stage with aspirations that one day models will be under the tents at Lincoln center wearing my apparel to seeing bite size little youngsters strutting the runway in clothing I contributed in designing.

The clothing was featured in the Petite Parade in collaboration with Vogue Bambini.



From Concept to Execution: 2016 Summer Olympic Games

As a former athlete and current Fashion Designer, I am proud to have been given the privilege to make a contribution to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro. The process of having an idea on paper (or computer), to holding the finished product is very gratifying.

The Today Show with Kathe Lee & Hoda

Kathe Lee & Hoda with the finished product on the Today Show.

For more Team USA apparel examples please visit my design portfolio page: