The Editing Room

Ever wonder why the intricate clothing that you see on runways are not the same as what you see in your local stores? A lot of a designers greatest works never see the production room floor let alone a retail rack. Every design is modified in board room meetings to make it relatable to the masses or affordable for the brand’s target market. Remove a graphic here, eliminate a seam line there or cut a style completely out of the collection. Sometimes a design is reduced to its most basic form completely removing all the creativity, love and attention detail that you put into it.


A basic screen printed l/s t-shirt

Early on in my career it was painful to part with my ideas. I wanted to fight for every style to remain exactly the way I envisioned it. Sooner or later you learn to pick your battles and as you design try to be creative as you can within the companies price point. Back to the drawing board aka my computer to make updates. At the end of the day it can be surprising what makes it to stores.

Below is a collection I helped design at Outerstuff Ltd. It reflects the designs leftover after the first couple edits. The catalog was later revised and minimized.

Here are some of the designs from the collection above that I was able to find online.