Frugalista Design Challenge:



Faux Leather Fringe Clutch

Faux Leather Fringe Clutch

Every time I get a design idea my normal inclination is to quickly run to the fabric store and try to find fabrics that match my idea. The problem with that is that sometimes the fabric stores do not have what I had in mind or if they do, I over estimate how much fabric I really need to complete my design. Over time the extra fabrics and trims tend to pile up and I never get around to using them. Today I decided to save my money and challenge myself to be inspired by the tons of fabric that I already have at home. I selected a turquoise faux leather snake skin, black faux leather, gold silk and oversized bronze stud trim that I had taken apart from a piece of jewelry.


I used the turquoise snake skin for the base, the black faux leather for my flap and fringe, lined it with the gold silk and aligned the studs with the angle of the flap. And there you have it! A clutch showpiece. I paired it with an understated ensemble with a similar color story and let it be the star of the show.


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